Front-end developer/Designer

Sorry, you are too late! This job has been filled.

We are looking for an amazing front-end developer/designer. This doesn’t mean you need to have 5+ years experience in the industry, we care much more about skill and passion than credentials.

Who we are

Red Guava is a small, bootstrapped and profitable software company based in Melbourne, Australia. We love building software and working with talented people.

We build a product called Cliniko. Cliniko makes life easy for Allied Health professionals by handling appointment scheduling, storing treatment notes and a bunch of other things too. It is already used globally by thousands of people every day.

How we work

We work smarter, not harder. We think work/life balance is important and we work a 30 hour week as standard (you still get a full-time pay; it’s a full-time position).

Some of us work in our office in South East Melbourne, but not all (we have team members in the UK, USA, Canada, Poland, and Brazil). We want to hire the best person available, not just the best person within a 10km radius.

We work autonomously and without hierarchy. There are no fancy job titles or levels of management, we all just get things done.

What we are looking for

We are open-minded at the moment. One person has covered most of the design/front-end for the last year and a half (an influx of developers means that it has become difficult to keep up) and we would like to find someone with a similar skill-set. However, if you are an incredibly awesome visual designer but lacking in code, or if you are an amazing front-end developer but don't do creative design, we are still interested in hearing from you if have other skills to offer.

Who you are

The front-end developer in you regards front-end to be actively designing user interaction rather than blandly implementing a skin over a template. You are highly organised and pedantic with your code. You have opinions on CSS architecture and you are keen to discover what structure we already have in place and how you might improve upon it. Refactoring and removing unnecessary code is one of life's sad little pleasures for you.

The designer in you is sensitive to where the aesthetic of the application is headed and able to implement and improve upon it. It might go without saying, but you value simplicity, clarity and substance over unnecessary or superfluous style. You strongly believe that design does not finish with a 'signed-off' PSD.

Deadlines are pretty much non-existent here, so you are someone who obsesses over getting it right rather than getting it done. Having said that, nothing is ever technically finished here either, so you love making miniscule improvements that marginally but wonderfully improve the user experience for our customers.

What you'll work on

You’ll spend most of your time working on Cliniko, and a bit of your time working on the website and other promotional materials. Things you might be doing include:

  • Implementing design in HTML & SCSS in a large rails application.
  • Helping to transition Cliniko into a fully responsive application.
  • Designing new features and redesigning existing features for Cliniko.
  • Designing pages and elements on the marketing website.

In summary

Let’s be clear, you need to be seriously amazing. We are a small team and we want to keep it that way. We will offer you the best job you have ever had with plenty of perks, but we expect you to be super-talented.

You should be absolutely passionate about building great software. You should take pride in your work and be excited to share it with our users.

How to apply

Write Joel a nice email to apply for this job.

Please don’t send a resume; we will print it out and burn it and you'll feel bad about all the wasted paper.

Being creative is always looked upon favourably.