New team members, new illustrations for the Red Guava map

We've welcomed two new faces to the Red Guava team recently; Charles, our new growth hacker, and Alex, who's joining the support guys. Which means new faces to illustrate and add to the Red Guava map on the homepage.

It's a bit of fun for me and it gets me away from front end code for a few minutes while I internet-stalk the new guys to find suitable photos to use for reference, then draw them in Illustrator. And it's nice to see them being used as avatars around the place.

One face missing from the map was Rufus (who is in the office more than most of us). Here's a quick video of how that came together.

The map is getting a bit crowded in places and making it responsive is tricky... I'm secretly hoping that any new team members live in Canada or Russia ;)

By Kelly Dyson